Award Winning Tattoo Artist

Dallas Cruz

Dallas is an accomplished multimedia and tattoo artist living and working out of the fraser valley. When he’s not adorning his clients with elaborate and detailed tattoos, he’s painting or drawing new pieces. He is deeply creative and continuously looking for inspiration in all forms whether that be in plants, animals, life, death and everything in between. Dallas specializes in photorealistic works pushing the boundaries of tattooing.


Tattoo Artist

Isleen Morelli

Isleen (I-leen) has lived in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia all her life. Drawn to the tattoo industry from an early age, she has always been artistically passionate. From sculpting to illustrating, Isleen has always strived to develop her skill and personal style. Isleen is flexible and has experience with many different styles of tattooing, everything from script to realism, but is most known for her intricate detailed fine line work. Although she has most recently focused on her illustrative line work, she’s always ready to take on new and exciting projects in any style. Very meticulous, and detail oriented, she strives to produce the best possible work for her clients, driven from a pure and intrinsic love of tattooing.